The Stories We Tell

  • Her-POW! New Adventures of Vintage Heroines

    Her-POW! New Adventures of Vintage Heroines

    Our crowdfunding campaign for this project is now live! Please visit us and Follow or Contribute at Seed and Spark! Did you know that in the Golden and Silver Age of […]

  • For Fork’s Sake

    For Fork’s Sake

    A co-production with Knife & Fork in Chicago, For Fork’s Sake is a live-stream on-line discussion series about food, women and body politics — particularly body image and the barrage of […]

  • Use Me Up

    Use Me Up

    Love takes many forms, no matter how uncomfortable that makes your friends and family! Inspired by the Bill Withers song “Use Me,” this Co-Production with Captain Purple Productions looks at […]

  • Modern Day Cassandra

    Modern Day Cassandra

    A high-powered businesswoman has something important to say.  Why does no one seem to hear her? Status:  Script in development

  • Marion and the Sheriff

    Marion and the Sheriff

    The daughter of Robin Hood and Maid Marion has taken over the family business.  But there is much bad blood between the Sheriff of Nottingham and Marion, who retired to […]

  • Black Agnes

    Black Agnes

    “She kept stir in tower and trench That brawling, boisterous Scottish wench; Came I early, came I late I found Agnes at the gate.” Part of a series of short […]

  • An Affair of Honor

    An Affair of Honor

    Valerie Alexander is adapting Tony Wolf’s successful stage play Satisfaction into this short film. Six women meet for a picnic in a clearing in the woods.  Lies, deceit and betrayal […]

  • The Claim

    The Claim

    Set 200 years in the future on a rubble-pile asteroid, this hard sci-fi webseries follows a group of miners who are faced with a choice between immediate riches, and the […]

  • Women of Will

    Women of Will

    Based on the hugely successful webseries “The Hunted”, this mockumentary webseries is Buffy meets Slings and Arrows meets Cops. An all-female Shakespeare theatre troupe is trying to raise enough cash […]

  • Untouchable


    A woman is seeking relief from the legacy of a horrible event.  Will the cure be worse than the disease? Status: Script completed, needs location and funding.

  • Cast Out

    Cast Out

    Heaven have mercy on the falsely righteous. Status:  Fine cut completed, FX added, needs sound editing and composition. Cast Miriam:  Dawn Alden Earl:  Whit Spurgeon Anna: Shana Gregory Williams Earl’s […]

  • Things I Should Have Said

    Things I Should Have Said

    Ever look back on a situation and wish you had said or done something differently?  Hindsight is always 20/20! In this series of meditations to camera, we will take a look […]